Our Annual Neighborhood


To be held Saturday morning

April 20th @ 9:30 am

at “The Park” clubhouse

Check-in for everyone registered begins at 9:00 am

Who is Invited?

All children and grandchildren up to age 12 who live at: The Park at Green Valley; Green Valley Lane; Chapel View Lane; Meadow View Lane; Rose Garden Lane; Brook View Lane; Mathis Park Place; Parkside Circle; and our personal holiday guests


All participants must be invited and on our guest list. Please do not invite anyone other than your holiday house-guests to join us. We simply cannot handle everyone’s friends.

It is important that you RSVP/Register with the names and ages of each participant. (Please do not leave a message with only “I have 5 kids coming.” We need names and ages.)


We try to budget about $10+ per child and easily spend over $2,000; your contribution is essential.  This is made possible by YOU!  Parents and grandparents and even our holiday guests, are invited to purchase and donate to the event.  If you can afford to be generous, please be generous!  On the other hand, if finances are tight in your home, budget accordingly and donate what you can.  No stress!  Not to worry! JUST COME!!  We do not want any children denied the opportunity to come and join us!  IT ALL WORKS OUT IN THE END!


You can donate online via PayPal, venmo Toni, or drop off cash/check donations to Sue McConkie (The Park – Unit 46) or Sylvia Bartholomew’s House (The Park – Unit 153) Preferably before Tuesday, April 16th.

Please be sure to invite your neighbors!

This is a great opportunity to meet them and strengthen friendships  Remember it’s also for those little grandchildren coming to visit!  So be sure to invite everyone on your street!

Volunteers are needed Saturday Morning at 7:30 to help spread the spoils!

If you can help please call Toni Tuipulotu – 435.215.9383 or just come!!

Online Registration is now closed.  We look forward to seeing you at the event.